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January 2009

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Post 2

Was it Christmas?  I didn't even notice.

ooc: *blushes*  My way of saying 'oshit, I had another character, didn't I....'  Sai is available to log anytime of course, so don't be shy if you think he could contribute to something.


No, there really didn't seem to be many interesting things going on this break.

...Their gifts?
Oh, is that how it works....
*raises a brow*

You missed an entire holiday? We should all be so lucky some years.

There was the usual school insanity. So if you were around last year - it was like that just everyone was a year older.
I was around last year, but I spent most of that break trying to dry my books out. Someone had flushed them down a toilet.

Honestly, you're helpless. Why else do you think I got you the book?
Well, I thought you were just trying to tell me something. I didn't really realize that there was an occasion for it.
The card said 'Merry Christmas'.

*shakes head*

Oh, I was trying to tell you something. I just used the occasion to do it. Did you like the other gifts?

She also got him some high quality brushes, and whatever the paints that he paints with are :D
Oh, now I remember. I drew a still life on that card.

I did, in fact. Would you like me to paint something for you with them? My etiquette book says that one should reciprocate gift-giving.
In return? Only if you want to, Sai. I didn't give it to you with the intention of receiving anything back.
Saaaiiiii~ Christmas was lots of fun! Didn't you get to do anything?
...I got to sleep in. Would you say that counts?
Absolutely! Sleep is very important indeed~
Aren't ya meant t' be smart in Ravenclaw?
Yes. Why?
Missin' Christmas doesn't seem that smart.