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4 January
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I'm Sai.

Player Information
Name: Random
LJ Account: okroginator
Email: random_idiot_v2(at)yahoo(dot)com

In-Game Character Information

Name: Sai (no last name)
Series: Naruto (Shippuuden)
Age: 17 (early birthday sixth-year)

Personality: Sai is completely socially retarded. Having been brought up in a Muggle orphanage, where no one liked him at all, Sai developed literally no social graces to speak of. Everything he knows about normal human behavior, he learned from books or trial and error (i.e., being punched in the face after making a comment). He is honest to a fault, and the word 'tact' is not in his vocabulary.

He has no emotions. That is to say, if he has emotions, he doesn't know it. He learned to hide his true intentions behind a fake smile, and is rarely seen with any other expression on his face. However, after coming to Hogwarts and being away from the orphanage, Sai has come to truly desire 'bonds' with other people, and is doing his best to learn about social rules and people. He may be comically failing for the most part, but he is trying.

Also, he takes a certain childish pleasure in dirty words.

Background: Sai was left on the doorstep of a Muggle orphanage as a baby. His background is unknown--whether he was Muggle-born or had any wizarding parentage is uncertain. (Author's Note: His mother was a young witch, and when her Muggle boyfriend found out, he dumped her because he thought she was crazy. She had no way to support herself, much less a child, so she left Sai to the orphanage. Of course, no one knows this, so it isn't really important.) His name was written in a note, but his parents left no last name (for anonymity, presumably), so he was just called 'Sai.' The kids at the orphanage ostracized him because he was very quiet and strange and kind of funny-looking (his skin has almost literally no pigment, but he has dark hair and eyes, and he also is skinny as a rail), so he grew up with no friends. Well, that's not quite true--he had one friend. His name was 'Shin,' and Sai considered him like a brother. Unfortunately, Shin was a very sickly young boy, and he passed away one day when Sai was about five. With Sai watching. It messed him up a lot, which didn't help with his relationships with the other children. When he began talking again, he stopped showing any emotion when the other kids teased him. In fact, he stopped showing any emotion at all. He became extraordinarily introverted, always sitting in a corner and drawing. He became quite the artist. And when his Hogwarts letter came, he...pretty much didn't care.

Blood: (full, half, muggle-born) As stated above, he is half-blood, though he doesn't know it.

House: Ravenclaw.

School Year: Sixth. (early birthday)
art, books, drawing, not having emotions, reading, smiling, studying emotions, thinking up nicknames, working on facial expressions